Posted 2w ago by @ulabadula

what are these white specks on my ficus?
Hi!! i found a bunch of white specks on my ficus’ leaves and trunk, anyone know if they’re pests or something else?
4” pot
Last watered 4 days ago
My eyeballs suck and my glasses broke, but it does look like it could be pests... Do you see any of them moving? Get a qtip with some rubbing alcohol on it and rub some of them, if they're alive they'll start moving real quick lol
@ulabadula you have a case of Mealybugs. Mealybugs can be treated by pruning, and dabbing a rubbing alcohol soaked cotton swab on the infested areas. I just had that on my neon pothos two days ago. So far so good. Just keep any eye on it every few days. I always keep rubbing alcohol around for that very reason.
Do you see any little webs? The last time I had white specks on my plant, it was spider mites. 😣 They are the WORST.

I used rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle to get rid of them. I sprayed and wiped every other day for two weeks. It's tedious.

BUT! If you can blow them off, it might not be spider mites.

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