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Propagating issues sanseviera

#Dracaena hello plant people! I cannot propagate sanseviera to save my life. My oldest plant Denali was overwatered, I cut the whole thing up to try to save it, but the clippings keep getting overwatered/mushy at the bottom… this has happened to me multiple times with sanseviera. This time around I clipped, let it dry for an hour, put rooting hormone and then put it into moistened perlite. I just checked the stump and it’s mushy, so I just clipped again and am letting it dry for a few days. Should I keep the perlite dry when I go to pot this one? Any advice? Thank you!
5ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Have you tried doing it in water instead? I tried in soil and it rotted. So far so good in water.
I cut mine and put it in a cup of water. The bottom looked to get a little mushy but I let it sit for about 3 months with water changes her and there. My friend works at a botanical center and said they never really put snake plants to propagate in perlite. They just put it straight into a pot of a pre existing snake plant or straight into water! If you put it in dirt just water it how you would normally water a full plant by waiting for it to dry out 80-90% of the way and then watering
@NotableKonjac yea I’ve tried it in the past and it still rotted
@DaynePlants interesting… do they let it rot at the bottom? Is getting mushy normal?
@GooseandFerd They are slow growing plants, anything that has to sit in water for that long is bound to get mushy at the bottom.