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I am concerned that tips keep turning brown despite following my greg watering schedule, no diret sun in a brightly lit room. Should add that there are babies coming up in the center. She is in a 4" pot. Think maybe new 6"pot new soil would help?
6ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 11 months ago
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@Stall54Jo Why are there brown tips on the leaves on my Bird's Nest Fern? In most cases this is a result of dry air, or allowing the soil to dry out too much before re watering. On occasion it can also be an indication you're overwatering. Remember that the soil should be moist for much of the time, not really dry or really wet.
It may not like the kind of water you’re giving it? Possibly hard water or a bit too chlorinated. Many plants can’t expel the chlorine in the water and store it in their leaves and the tips get crunchy and brown.
Maybe. I just switchrd to distilled water month ago. Should i switch soil make sure no chlorine left and just wait it out?
The pot it’s in doesn’t have drainage so it could be getting to much water that’s sitting there. Or might just need misting but NOT THE MIDDLE NEVER WET THE MIDDLE 😝. It’s really a gorgeous plant!!!! I’m so jealous, mines hanging on for dear life. I know it’s a birds nest but is it the hurricane type? So picturesque!!! ❀️