Posted 3w ago by @PearlGirl57

I've tried this plant in all areas of porch. Leaves have been brown and falling off for awhile. At the same time it gets new growth...only to eventually turn brown???
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
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Your Dracaena looks like a Dracaena marginata (mine was misidentified as a Song of India too). They like bright, indirect light and they like to dry out between waterings. If the leaf tips are turning brown, it’s typically a sign of underwatering and possibly sunburn. But I’d also make sure that the pot isn’t too big for it, because that can cause overwatering issues which will also show up as browning/yellowing, etc.

The leaves that are dead won’t turn back, so I would trim those off so that it can direct energy to making new leaves instead. They are also slow growers, so I agree with @AlliesTerrarium that you need to leave it in one place for a month or so before moving it again, so that it has time to acclimate to its new spot. Hope this helps! Good luck! 🪴💚
This plant looks sun stressed. Like she’s getting too much direct sun. Depending where you are heat could play a role too. Move her to a place where she’s getting bright indirect light and leave her there. It will take time for her to acclimate. Commit to leaving her in the place where she gets bright indirect light for a month before dancing her around your house again.
Magical day. Mine is going thru the same situation. It does it every year but this year they all felt off. Cut off the top nd let it grow.
Sometimes you might need to let go of plant and let it grow outside 🥺

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