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Best advice? It's a Valentines plant so the pressure is o...

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@PlantBeach oh the Rex Begonia, such a diva she can be! They don't like change at all. I got one exactly like yours several months ago and almost made her unalived from moving her around. Now she stays in an east window near a humidifier with a grow light. Don't let the soil dry out completely but don't keep it too wet either. Now she's doing beautifully!
For the brown spots, I would remove those leaves that are affected and watch for if it shows up on other leaves. It doesn't look too concerning at this point, but keep an eye on it. If it comes back, break out the fungicide!
Hope this helps and Good Luck πŸ€πŸ’š
@PlantBeach Your begonia seems to be doing pretty good from your pics. It looks healthy. Begonia leaves will crisp when water hits the leaves & is left, or in dry environment conditions or from damage cause by moving or cracking. You have to expect some browning when collecting begonias. When your begonia is acclimated to your home, it may need a repot. They like a fluffy well draining soil. Add perlite to whatever soil you are using. Keep us posted with updates on your plants progress. It is a cutie. πŸ₯°
Thank you both! I appreciate the advice 😊 I planned to put her in my east facing bathroom guess I picked a good spot lol I just got her this morning, and have no idea how my husband hid her the last 24 hours. Do you think I should repot soon? "Lex the Rex", hoping I can give her the best life, and she makes it til next Valentines Day 🀣
Also I think its a curly fireflush? Thoughts?
Those are pretty easy to care for. They don’t need a lot of lights and I don’t water mine until the soil is dry.
These are my two attempts