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What's happened?! I've followed all of Greg's water suggestions and checked between to make sure he wasn't thirsty. He was thriving just a few days ago and now he's soooo sad. All and any suggestions are welcomed! 😊
10ft to light, indirect
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
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Could definitely be stress of some kind: soil, temperature, light, pest or fungal. But it happening suddenly is really interesting πŸ€”
Mines did the same thing!! I don’t know what to do either. I’m trying to cut back on watering it and added some fertilizer. I see mines getting better but I lost a lot of the leafs. Also I see new growth. It took two months to see some kind of improvement.
@user931601c6 so upsetting! πŸ˜– I was seeing lots of new growth on mine as well and now even they are wilting over.

That's great that you're able to see new growth on yours, I hope it takes a turn for the better and begins to thrive!

I should try giving mine some fresh soil to see if it just needs more nutrients. Thanks for the tip!!!
Is it possibly sunburn?
@poisonivy213 I have mine in a north facing window that doesn't get any direct sunlight.
I don't think it would be sunburn, however- I'll pay closer attention just to be sure that isn't the case!

Thank you so much for the advice!! 😊😊
@ksaginak that's what I was thinking. I ended up trimming some leaves off, repotting and placing it in (hopefully) a more suitable position in my home! πŸ₯° Fingers crossed he begins to thrive once again!
@Kaytmarisa 🀞🏻

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