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Hey. What should I do when my propagations look like this? This is my first time doing this.
Add the #PropagationStation to get help from people who do this more!
Hi Lee! Welcome to Greg!

Trim off the mushy parts
Change the water (and change it more frequently)
Make sure the water only goes to the first node on each prop.

Usually this happens because there is too much plant in the water and it gets dirty faster!
What @PlantMompy said! She’s exactly right. Definitely trim the mushy off so it doesn’t spread
@PlantMompy thank you. I just put it in the water last week so i thought it was still good. Some of them may have two nodes. Do I need to cut those to make them one?
@Lee29 @PlantMompy is πŸ’― correct. Her and @kscape do this a lot.
@Lee29 depending upon how many are in the water it can be more frequently than once a week, but that is a good place to start! There can be multiple nodes, just only put one in the soil.
Agree with @PlantMompy 😊

Snip any mushy, brown parts and then stick back in water. Keep in a bright, shaded area and change the water every 5-8 days. When you’re ready to repot, keep the Rule of 3 in mind! When each cutting has at least 3 roots and 3 inches in length, you can tranplant to soil! 🌿✨
@kscape thank you
Cut brown off. Wait at least an hour so it can dry and the place back in prop jar. I would also fill up until bottom of rim with water.

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