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How much water do I use to water my Christmas cactus?
I water my cacti and succulents once the soil has completely dried out and that seems to work :)
In the wild they experience extreme dry weather, followed up by heavy precipitation, so they don't like having wet feet all the time (they'll rot). In general it's better to water less frequently but a bigger quantity.

I hope that helps!
Welcome to Greg, Sandy!

Contrary to the name "cactus", these are actually tropical epiphytes. They don't like the soil to dry out too much.

 The amount of water all depends on your pot size, pot material, soil composition, plant size, and where your plant sits in your home.

Can you post a picture of your plant?
I water my Thanksgiving and Easter succulent once every week and a half or so as the soil and terra cotta pots dry out. My indoor ones get watered more often because the AC dries out the soil faster than outside. Happy holiday succulents push out a bunch of new segments in a short period of time. All of the tiny pads are all fresh growth in a little over a week. These are one of my Easter succulents and the little pointed one is of some Thanksgiving succulent cuttings I made a few weeks ago that are rooting. Once the roots take hold they push a lot of growth to up and out expansion. If segments fall off and they will, pop them into the soil and they’ll root. Just watch for over watering and sunburn. They don’t like direct sunlight nor afternoon sun. These are all completely dried out and I’ll give them all a good watering tomorrow so the soil is wet but fast draining. Good luck and enjoy them. They’re really fun.

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