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Dropped all leaves!

Hi #GregGang! My bf got this ficus triangularis on April 14 and in the past 2-3 weeks it’s dropped all its leaves. The leaves turned slightly yellow before dropping. He only waters it when the soil dries out and it drains well. Can we still do something to save it or should we just let it RIP? Pics are from April 14 with leaves and today (June 17) no leaves. πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜« #Trees #Ficus #FicusGang #leavesdropping
Awwww how sad! Ficus need lots of water! They like to sit in it pooled . I have one in a pot with no drainage and it’s been growing really well
Ahh! Ok. When he watered it last time a BUNCH of leaves fell and he got scared he was overwatering!
@tinybatfists mine is a ginseng ficus, I’m not sure if they have different watering per the different types though.
I have a ficus tineke
And i just got tons new growth. I bottom water for 15 mins and keep her in an easy facing. Im understanding is they love LOTS of sunshine. Its possible that it isn't receiving adequate light
This is mine
Ficus can be resilient. I would prune back the most dead dry branches, maybe not all the way but half way to the main trunk, leaving some branches left for new leaves to grow on. Also, check the soil, if it’s super dry the leaves will dry up and fall off. So, let it dry out partially inbetween watering, but not all the way through. Just the top 1-2” of soil need to dry. It might need some more light. Can you move it closer to that window? Or do you have another window that is just a little brighter? Or an outside covered porch for the summer? I had my focus tree in a dark corner of the house for ages and it didn’t do very well. Since moving it close to a window that get just a little morning sun I have had new growth. I also like to take it outside to the porch in the summer. Just make sure to treat for pests before you bring it back inside in the fall.
@tinybatfists Ficus also prefer distilled water. #ficusfrustrations