Posted 1M ago by @tango

Hi! Anyone know what this is?
I have this TINY propagation that I found in the store… I just pulled the dead, propagated leaf off so the baby plant could take care of itself, but it also pulled half the new plant away from the roots!!! Hopefully it can form more. Btw… we need a feature for 1-inch pots, because I have 2!!! 😂
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
It sorta looks like an elephant bush ... sorta. Do you have a picture of what it looked like before you picked the dead piece off?
@sarahsalith I don’t, sorry… but it was flat-ish and a medium green.
I know it's probably a long shot and I don't even know what mine IS, but it looks similar to the new growth on this plant.
@sarahsalith that actually looks just like it!!! Maybe I will do some research, and I will get back if I find anything! 😊
@tango if you find out the name- let me know. Maybe I'll remember to post it for #WhatTheSuccWednesday

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