Posted 1M ago by @ZappySugarvine

Nats have overcome my plant when I put it outside tempora...

0ft to light, direct
6” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
You could try some neem oil with some dish soap . If they persist @Seymour just provided a wonderful guide to banishing a infestation . I just don’t know how to give you the link .
Sticky traps! If you don't trust putting odd things in your soil (like diluted peroxide) yellow sticky traps are the best, these things saved my life ❀️
@ZappySugarvine I concur with @PotatoSoup sticky traps are the way to go
You can also spray the soil directly with the neem oil spray. It helps with the gnats. And try bottom watering only and always let the top 1-2” of soil dry before watering because the gnats like to live in the damp soil at the top. I’ve never tried the sticky traps but I’ve heard great things about them.