Posted 1w ago by @JThen

Picked this up at Kroger today, please help me identify it. Gregg was unable to.
Best Answer
Green birkin or green princess philodendron
Rubber plant?
Maybe, you think maybe philodendron? I wish they’d put it in the plants they are all just named tropical plant.
reverted birkin?
@strawberrymoon reverted birkin is like a pink or brown!
@jcPlantProper oo interesting.. sorry haha ive never really seen them irl! all the philodendrons i see are the classic heartleafs, ive only seen a birkin a couple times
@strawberrymoon yes! Checkout the #philodendronbirkin I think I made a post under that about the difference
@jcPlantProper will do!! tysm :) i wish i saw more philodendrons around lol, they’re some of my favorite aroids

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