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My zebra plant is wilting!
I got this zebra plant about a week ago and watered it pretty recently. I also sprayed some mist on the leaves . i repotted it today. It gets adequate sun light- it hasn’t started wilting until today. What should I do to save it? #ZebraPlant
1ft to light, direct
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
Might just be in a bit of shock from all the activity (new home, routine + repotting). I’d just keep a watchful eye on it for a for a few days & see if it bounces back.
πŸ˜– THIS plant is an EXCEPTIONALLY hard houseplant. It must be kept around 70Β° F at all times, or it wilts. It needs bright indirect light, or it wilts. It CANNOT dry out, or it wilts.

Good luck. This is on my #NeverAgain list. πŸ˜‚ In the morning, I'll show you a picture of mine! 🀣

And welcome to Greg!!
They need humidity. I put mine on a plate filled with rocks and keep the plate/rocks filled with water and she’s MUCH Happier!
It’s probably just in repotting shock. Like @sarahsalith said they’re super temperamental and bratty. Keep it somewhere bright moist and busy so you can check on it often. Like by your bathroom sink or kitchen sink in indirect sun. It’s like nerve plants twin.
Okay, Zoe. Don't laugh. πŸ˜–
Here ya go. 🫣

Now, there's new growth, but this is NOT my favorite plant. πŸ˜‚
To everyone thank you so much for sharing your feedback and advice with me. Thank you so much!
Sarah, i promise I won’t laugh. I did not realize how moody zebra plants were LOL! Thank you for sharing this with me!
Update shes Back to life
Mine almost died then grew a new stock. He is now one of my bathroom plants and much happier. Very temperamental

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