Posted 1M ago by @LithePuriri

Help, why does she look like this!? She’s new to my plant...

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@LithePuriri it depends! I’d recommend taking it out of the soil then check the roots! If they’re grey or mushy then it’s most likely root rot. Any tan or white roots are worth keeping if they feel stable! I’d remove any bad roots in the event there’s rot.. spray the remaining roots with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide & repot with a pot suitable for its size as well as fresh soil :) Hope this helps helps!
How big is the pot? It may be a bit too big!
Agree, it could be root rot. If roots aren’t filling the pot, they just sit in water. If the stems are also a little soft, I’d take it out of the pot and check the roots.
@elisenavidad she’s currently in a 5” inside a 7”
@RedClayHalo yikes! I had no idea, I figured a bigger pot meant more space to grow πŸ˜‚ do you know if it’s fixable?
@LithePuriri Usually fixable! I agree with @elisenavidad. Roots should feel firm and not β€œsquishy.” You can trim off dead/rotting roots (sanitize your shears as best you can) and then repot with plain potting soil.
@elisenavidad thank you so much!!