Posted 2M ago by @Katrinabrown86

What’s that y’all? What I thought was leaves must not be🤔 I do have new leaves tho (2nd pic) what could it be? Looks bumpy 🤭 #GregGang
#NewGrowth #GoldDustCroton
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
Best Answer
I definitely agree with @jcPlantProper! Looks like the beginning of a flower stalk. Here’s a picture of what croton flowers look like when they’re open :) Congrats!
Looks like blooms/flowers!
@jcPlantProper @Crvidae thank y’all so much 😊I kinda thought a flower but I wasn’t sure if they even bloomed anything 🤭Well now
They bloom? How cool! I have a croton. Now I will know what is happening if it happens here. 😊

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