Posted 3M ago by @GeniusCorncob

Does anyone know why my bears paw smells bad?

It just has a bad smell. Not bad enough to smell a foot away but when close enough to check up on it I noticed a foul smell. I didn't see anything rotting and it's currently in a bigger pot #SucculentLove
5ft to light, direct
Last watered 3 months ago
Why may be a bit mysterious, but there’s a pretty funny thread on Reddit about this topic. Guess lots of bear claw’s owners either wonder the same or didn’t even know because they aren’t that close to it. Your 🪴 looks great! I’m jealous I don’t have one now, but perhaps stay a safe distance for benefit to your nose. Ha!
It could be root rot usually that is the reason for a bad smell!
I need to go smell my bear paw…… I does have a smell… I wouldn’t say it’s a bad smell almost like a mild smell of that stupid Flonase I have to use for allergies. Def not a rotting icky smell. I’d check your roots just to be sure
Here’s mine for reference
@KDkat3 I just checked the roots this morning, they looked healthy. I think it's just an odd smell, not like rotting, probably just the way it smells I just don't like it lol. But I did find a fallen leaf that was somewhat under the dirt so that also could have made it smell a bit