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Repotting Right Away
Do you find that you have to repot a new plant baby that's from a big box store sooner because they were sitting in soaking wet dense nutrient lacking soil? If so what are the best tips to make sure your new addition can bounce back? #NewPlants #PlantAddict #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #HappyPlants #NewPlantMom
6” pot
Last watered 4 months ago
Usually I give my plants a week or two to acclimate to their new environment before I repot it but that’s not to say I’ve never immediately repotted a new plant, especially one that was looking bad
I agree with @DefiantDndylion

It's best to give them 1-2 weeks, minimum to acclimate. Then, if the soil is awful or the plant is root bound then you can, otherwise keep it in the nursery pot as long as possible since it's the right size.

If the plant isn't doing well and your certain it's not something regulated moisture and sun can't fix you can't totally pot it ASAP!
With my box store rehab projects I repot right away because 95% of the time they're over watered and experiencing root rot.

Your Polly will fluctuate in health if you got it from box store and it wasnt doing well... You can cut it back and let it regrow.. or you can take it's corms and grow a fresh batch.

I hope everything goes well and your plant is happy and healthy!
Unfortunately, a Polly plant doesn’t like overwatering. If you don’t repot, let the soil dry before watering again. Hope she come through.
While I do try to wait long enough to get them settled I run into alot of very root bound plants, my Monstera had to be cut out of its nursery pot and I’ve had to untangle roots from pot holes with my pothos and I got a cactus from Kroger that was practically standing water generally I stick to trying to find my plants I want on sale and by that point they need some love so usually a repot pretty quickly but it overall depends on your plants health, I got a silver scindapsus from Kroger yesterday for 5.99 after a good little haircut of the bad leaves and taking out rotten stems it honestly doesn’t need a repot yet and out of my 20+ plants all bought locally it’s the first
Thanks all! Yes Polly was slightly root bound but more worrisome was the mushy base. So I pulled back as much soil as I could and repotted in more balanced mix. @melodey I did find a handful of corms, what would be the best medium to propagate them in?
i agree with @melodey, if the store soil sucks it’s best to repot !! leaving the plant in the bad soil might just let the root rot progress further and end up harming your plant more

I'm huge on Sphagnum Moss for corms. Create a mini prop box for it, place soaked and squeezed moss (key is to have it wet enough that it's wet but not soggy)
Bury your corms so half are sticking out of moss.

Vent your prop box every couple days.

The corm process takes about 60-70 days for it to go from corm to live plant.
@poisonivy213 I agree with @melodey and @PlantMompy I always wait 2 weeks to let it acclimate to my environment.
@poisonivy213 I am probably the latter but I immediately repot every plant I get. They say it could be in shock so my thinking is it's probably in shock a bit already and I would rather transplant her immediately and then just leave them be. Knock on would I have not killed one yet.

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