Posted 1M ago by @FabRubbercup

How do I make my Polka Dot Plant fuller?

So my polka dot plant seem to LOVE the new house, it’s so bright and pretty. But it only seems to be growing leaves on top. How can I fix this ? #PolkaDotPlant #help
4ft to light, direct
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
You've got to pinch out the tips regularly. When they get leggy, cut it back to 1 or 2 nodes and plant the cutting back in the pot..I use a little rooting hormone to help them along. But pinch out the tips regularly to encourage branching and growth at the lower bare nodes.
Along with pinching leaves, it looks like she's searching for more light. Pretty pot btw πŸ’–
flowerFairy">@flowerFairy thank you and yes possibly, I’m still trying to figure out my lighting situation.
@CheyenneRed pinch the tips… I’ve never heard of that before
@CheyenneRed so the top one seems to have 4 nodes and the bottom one seems to have 2. Where would you think I should snip ?
@FabRubbercup yup! Pinch the leaf tips and two branches will come. Have to do that with some of these plants or they get really leggy..tradescantia, creeping charlie, most trailing peperomia.
@CheyenneRed I really appreciate it, I wish I knew before 🌸❀️