Posted 2w ago by @SirDewberry

I don’t really know
My aloe plant was not so long ago thriving. But then I had to move my aloe plant to another window because it could no longer fit in the spot I originally had it in. Now the plant is a bit squishy to the touch and the leaves are buckling over themselves. I’m quite worried because this was my very first plant and now he is not doing so well.. please help
1ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
Aloe love lots of sunlight so maybe the new window doesn’t have enough sunlight for your plant. Try find another window in the same direction as the old window it was in so it gets the same amount.
Are you watering it the same amount with a different amount of sun? It might need more sun or less water 🤷‍♂️
@Plantsy ok thank you for you advice
@Sammyws I did kind of get off track with his watering schedule but I’m back on track now so that possibly could have been part of the problem

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