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Propagating schefflera in water.

I "acquired" 2 cutting from a varigated Schefflera. I tried to prop in water and the ends of the cutting rotted. I cut this off and stuck it back in the water. I am wondering if I should just stick it right in soil. What do my greggers think? πŸ€” #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #Schefflera
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@Stall54Jo lol darn spell check haha I use half and half and just keep it moist don’t let it go grey in color keep it black and no nutrients it provides them for it and they grow great in it I have some that are living in fluval lol
You might wanna try letting your propagations callous over before putting in water. It’s like a guard against root rot
Put Pothos cuttings in with them, they give off a rooting hormone, I use one in every cutting and have roots in a couple weeks.
I think with a hard stem like that as with gardenia, camelia, other shrubs you need rooting hormone or air grafting to get roots. if you can get it to root in water I will be acquiring some cuttings too!
I wondered about the callousing over @Teenagebean. I did not do that. I will give that a try.
I love the pothos suggestion @MrsFiend. Willl definitely be doing that in the future πŸ’›
Yea let them callus before putting in anything to prop but I have the best luck proping in fluval perlite mix it is like plant crack lol
Hey Michelle @Michelle5986 sorry to hear you have had to poop in fluval perlite mix HA!H! HA! πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ But I'm glad your plants like it. What ratio of each do you use and do you keep it full of water or just keep it moist. I've always wanted to try this. Will all plants grow like this. Do nutrients have to be added?
Thanks so much @Michelle5986 I will be giving this a try.
@Stall54Jo keep me updated and if you need fluval amazon had it on sale for an 8.8 oz bag for 19 something pretty cheap I bought two lol