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I have three peace lily two have died I don't know if I over water or not water enough a friend of mine told me to make some coffee without sugar and use a little in it have you ever heard of that
I have heard for certain plants, I suppose it depends on how much one gives them. Maybe over caffeinated!?!
I’ve heard the coffee grounds are good but not sure why. A lot of info is kinda old wives tales. That’s why sites that can debunk are neededβ€” like this one
Coffee grounds lowers soil pH (increase acidity). I wouldnt recommend it as you dont know whats your current soil pH and how much to use.
Peace lilies don't like direct sun and they also don't need a lot of water. TBH I wouldn't use coffee!
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Yes I did a little more research and it seems coffee grounds are too acidic/caffeinated to mix directly into soil. You can put them in compost tho

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