Posted 2M ago by @Wiscodanny

Droopy Bunny Ears

I’ve had this cactus for about 4 months and up until recently it’s been doing well. 2ish weeks ago the Greg app recommended I add fertilizer. Ever since then she’s been slowly drooping. I came back from being out of town today and the drooping is worse than ever. Inhad desolved the fertilizer in water during its regular watering schedule based off Greg. I there any hope here or I have caused some permanent damage to this plant. Any tips, suggestions, or feedback is appreciated! #CactusClique #help #sickplant #SOS #Cactus911 #Cactus #QueerPlantParents #GregGang
4ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
It will bounce back - but I imagine the fertilizer put it into some shock
I think it needs more light-- also, it's not fertilizer season. I'd change out the soil.
Cacti and succulents really shouldn’t be fertilized during the winter season. Would recommend that you disable that setting until spring.
I don’t have any advice because I know nothing about cacti, but that is the cutest one I’ve ever seen! 😍 I hope she gets better soon!
@Wiscodanny you could also use some plant stakes or chopsticks as support to make them grow more upright if you want.
Don’t recommend fertilizer this season
How much water do you add? Cacti don’t need much water