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When I bought this fern it had two big leaves on it. I ca...

2ā€ pot
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I am SO glad you posted. I hated losing my leaves when I first got this. It went from the perfect growing conditions (see my oasis) ... to my home. :/

It was less than thrilled. It probably didn't help that it was my first one and I let it get too much sun once ... and I may have left it in the rain once ... or twice.

But now I've got the male leaves growing and it is looking so much better.

Hang in there. You'll lose leaves, but when you see new growth- it's happy.

EDIT- mine didn't like direct light. I actually have this one turned away from the window and it has started to grow. Make sure you are watering it deep and as often as your moss dries out.

You'll get the hang of it. It'll grow. Spring is around the corner.
I'm sorry I just saw your post. What do you mean by male leaves?
Yes what does male leaves ?
Iā€™m using egg water on most indoor plants can see huge difference