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Should I separate these two little guys into different pots? One of them looks very sad compared to the other one.
These two had crazy growth all summer, with new pups on both. I’m worried that the one in the front in the first two pictures is etoliated because the other one is too big and blocking the sun from it one one side. The third picture is the second one that blocks the sun. The fourth picture shows how much direct sun it gets around this time of day in Northern Colorado on a south facing patio. By the end off the day, they get about 6 hours of direct sunlight all the way around except for the back. I rotate them every time I water. Would it be a safe gamble to repot them this late in the summer?
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 18 hours ago
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I think your plant may be overheating?

by all means you are doing great and everything you can pretty much do, to make your cacti grow! my personal opinion is watch out for extreme heat and sun conditions. most cacti thrive between 65-85 degrees F
Have your rotated the pot to see how the other one does with more sunlight?
@malobee I rotate them about every ten days when I water them. The other one had two pups come in about a 1-2 months ago under direct sunlight, but it’s stopped growing now, too.
@malobee I rotate them about every ten days when I water them. The second one has two pups come in about 1-2 months ago under direct light , but it’s growth has stopped now, too. I feel that the pups are too heavy for the main pad, perhaps.
@philoboi that may be it! In the past two weeks it’s still been about 90 degrees during the day, but the temperature at night has dropped from 62-65 to 52-61.
I would leave them in the same pot and just rote them as you are doing. They appear healthy. 🌡
@Pegster thank you! I think I may leave them be.
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