Posted 1Y ago by @Lemons

Why are her tips burnt? Is it too much sun or something else?
Almost all of her leaves are like this I’m kinda worried about it getting worse #RattlesnakePlant #help #PlantsMakePeopleHappy
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
Probably needs more humidity.
You could mist more often, group it with other plants, or put a small about of water in shallow dish with rocks/marbles/whatever you have near the plant.
Or if you have a humidifier...
@Smoore thankss :)))
I'd say that's calatheas being calatheas. Haha...
From my experience, they are the fussiest plants in my collection. They don't like the water, they brown. Not the right light, they brown. Not the right humidity, they brown. You need to find their perfect spot to keep them from browning. Not to scare you or anything, but they are divas. But once you find their spot, they're the best.
@Arashi1118 I call her a diva / drama queen but like idk where to put her
I got the suggestion of misting and watering my calathea with distilled water. It helped a little. The pebble dish with water helped more I think. They like higher humidity and my house gets dry in the winter.
@Lemons Total Diva! Mine looks like yours and lost a few. I cut back anything totally yellow or crispy. I moved her around a lot. Worried a lot. She seems to like it about 3ft from my East facing window. Any closer, she throws a hissy. Can’t use tap water. Have to use rain water or distilled water (its cheap if you can find it.) I mist every few days. Now I suddenly have new leaves sprouting. Total Diva.
@Lemons I had the same problem with mine, they love moisture. So I spritz mine daily.
Here is mine. I’m also using worn casting in mine. Plants 🌱 love it.