Posted 2w ago by @Mad307

Why are my aloes brown?
How do I fix this? I had to move windows and they’re not adjusting well. The color is worse in person than the pic shows #AloeVera
1ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 hours ago
Best Answer
direct light isn’t good for aloes!! put them somewhere with bright indirect light- or you could put a window shade over your current window
It might have been sunburn in the white pot since there was brown on the side where the sun is. I moved them away to the side of the window, but I’m not sure if that’s good for it either.
Agree with @strawberrymoon
Also don't try to fix sunburns with water.(watering) It can make it worse, it can shock the plant.
You may be watering it too much

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