Posted 1M ago by @oliveh101

She’s doing okay but all the new growth is on one side, so the plant is leaning at an alarming angle. I’ve been rotating which side faces the sun without success. Should I cut that back? Repot?
Some of mine do that and they seem fine. It looks like only the flower stalk is leaning. The rest of the plant looks good.
I wouldn’t cut back the whole bloom cluster. You might just have a lanky planteenager for a while though. You can also deadhead the finished blooms to encourage growth/more blooms.
@Beeps I read about that online but was wondering since the blooms are so tiny if I should just snip directly under them?
Yeah it’s a painstaking process lol! You can clip the little green part directly below the finished bloom. If they are crispy enough they will pinch off easily too.
@Beeps awesome, thank you so much!
How often do you rotate your plant?

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