Posted 3w ago by @ljpowers

Help!!! My kenyan violet was doing great last week and then this week it has a bunch of dead leaves on one side! What am i doing wrong? It gets plenty of sunlight and is only watered once every week to ten days.
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
@ljpowers I would cut them back.

When you cut back an African violet, the goal is simply to remove dead or damaged leaves and spent flowers. It is strictly a beauty regimen that also allows new growth to access more light and air. You can cut back an African violet at any time of the year, unlike the pruning rules on many other types of plants.
@kikigoldblatt thank you!!
@ljpowers you are very welcome!
3w ago
Thank you both! I have the same problem with one here and this just saved her life

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