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i donโ€™t have a drainage hole. how much water do i add?

4โ€ pot without drainage
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Most plants, ivy included do not do well in waterlogged soil. Itโ€™s not the water that causes the roots to rot so much as it is the bad bacterias that may grow and most importantly a lack of oxygen.

You can water your plant every day without an issue as long as it drains quickly and has a chunky medium like bark to allow oxygen to reach the roots.

For your particular setup it will be hard to say exactly without know your environmental factors such as heat and humidity.

If you want a fail proof setup hereโ€™s what I suggest:

1. Gently remove the plant and the soil from the jar to reduce the stress of repotting.

2. Get some decorative fish tank rocks, lava rocks, leca clay balls, river stones, or even just a handful of rocks from outside.

Add the rocks to the jar (carefully) so thereโ€™s about a 1โ€-2โ€ false bottom which will allow for excess water to pool at the bottom without sitting in the soil.

This achieves a few things:

1. You canโ€™t overwater! as long as you stop watering once you see ~10% of the amount of water youโ€™ve poured collect in the bottom in your rock layer.

2. Built in water meter. If the rocks are wet, walk away.

3. Youโ€™ll know when itโ€™s time to repot because youโ€™ll see roots breach the rocky bottom

4. The water in the rock bottom will evaporate and keep the soil moist but not soaked.

5. The rocks will also absorb water and nutrients and deliver them back into the soil like a self watering pot.

Hope this helps.
Swedish Ivy is a fairly east plant to grow. My first recommendation is to get it into a pot with drainage. This plant prefers to have an evenly moist soil but not soggy. Bright indirect light is best, will tolerate morning sun. WELCOME TO GREG!