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Hi. Brought this plant indoors in the fall. Recently not ...

4ft to light, indirect
12” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
Did the damage start before or after you moved it from the grow light to direct/full sun? When you say β€œdirect sun”, what does that mean?
Damage was during last three month of grow light. Today I moved under a window.
My Brazilian Jasmine did not like coming inside for winter either! They lost almost all their leaves! They will come back, moving to the window was a good move, the only one of mine that’s thriving is in the window. It’s got vines almost up to the ceiling! I have 2 more hanging on under grow lights (no more window space) and finally started to grow new leaves, and another one that’s halfway back to its former glory. They just need a while to recover and once spring comes, I’m moving the 3 back outside where they obviously like it better…the one in the window will stay bc she’s obviously happy there. Hope that makes you feel a little better, yours definitely looks better than mine did when they came in! Lmk if you have any questions! And be careful not to overwater, they don’t like their roots to sit in water. If the leaves start to droop and turn yellow or leathery feeling, ease up on the water. Always better to underwater.
@BabeVila this is a pic of my one in the window to give you some hope 😊
Yes! Mine also lost most of the leaves coming inside but I have new growth at the stem base. I am using grow lights daily and a cool mist humidifier. The one at the window is doing better than the other but both seem to be doing ok. I appreciate the comment on the water and I will cut back. In the summer outside they had to be watered daily. Now in more a dorment state I will be more sparing. I love Gregg because it has put me in touch with knowledgeable people to help me on my plant adventure.@
@HappyGoatsbeard I forgot to mention the humidifier! Definitely helps! I can’t wait until it warms up and these babies can go back outside and start flowering again 🌸