Posted 2w ago by @MischievousMoth

Browning and droping
He has been watered last week so I'm not too sure why he has done this to me because I thought he was happy 🥲the leaves might be too heavy for the stems because they seem sturdy
3ft to light, direct
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
Are the brown spots soft? Or are they dry?
There is alot some dry crusty leaves and some soft leaves
Your plant card says he gets direct light so the crunchy brown spots could be sunburn since his leaves are so light in color.

As a general rule yellow squishy leaves mean over watered and yellow to brown crispy ones are under.

If his watering isn't the issue check his roots for rot and check the soft leaves to make sure there is no fungus, mold, etc.

Hopefully you can find his happy place again very soon!
He has not the best sun as he's on a shelf and I bought him because I liked the yellowish leaves there is nothing wrong with the colour as he came like that I've had him for a while @tmbryant37 x

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