Posted 3w ago by @shmoopy

i think i killed my string of pearls while repotting it
did i just kill so sad im so new to plants oh my god i couldn't fill the soil without the root ball falling out of the pot everytime so i just did that and i think maybe 10 strands fell off in the process i should not of started with this plant :')
Is the SOP in the picture in its current state? If so, your plant may look less full, but your plant is still very much alive! If the rootball is much smaller than before, I’d repot in a pot smaller and make sure it has drainage! Gently place the roots in the soil and take either a small cup or succulent shovel and place soil on top of the roots, letting the soil fall into place.
@kscape that made me feel so much better tysm :') it is in its current state but i can find a smaller pot with drainage tysm for your help!
@shmoopy of course! Update us or ask any questions 😁
Don't beat yourself up. We have all been there. Exercise your plant faith and hope for the best. I just got an SOP today and I'm kinda terrified right about now, but I'm gonna do my best. Good luck.πŸ€—πŸŒ±

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