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Bromeliad pups separation?
So my bromeliads are in the (somewhat long) process of dying. The tall one has 1 pup on the way and the small one has 2 tiny ones. I noticed yesterday that the moms took a turn for the worse, all of a sudden! The head came off of the smaller one this morning when I tried to check the state of decay. The inside looks kinda rotted. It might be part of the normal evolution 🤔, but it got me worried about the pups. If I leave them attached to the mom (since some are tiny), aren’t they gonna rot too?… 😥
1ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
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Welcome to the bromeliad transitions family! 🥰
I have one that’s currently in transition and I just pull out the brown leaves (if they’re ready) so that they don’t take any extra energy that could be going to the pups. You might be able to just chop the top of the 4th photo and start to remove the already dead leaves. It’s probably not “rot” but just what these plants look like as they transition.
From what I’ve seen in the app, most folx recommend to separate when the pup gets to be a 1/3rd of the size of the mama. Looking at the size of your pups it’s likely they’ll want to hang on a little bit longer before separating.
@TryingMyBest650 That was my thoughts also!… 😅 I’ve cut the top off of the tall one (pic #4) and will monitor them closely… 😥 I also moved them closer to the window than they used to be since Greg told me they were too far…. 🤪
Now I will know what to do with my pups when the time comes. @TryingMyBest650 has good information.
@BeesZenGarden yeah, mine is right in the window now and the pups have grown so quickly with the extra sunlight! Good luck to yours! 🥰
@Pegster thanks Peggy! This app has been so helpful for me. Happy to pass the knowledge along 😊

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