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Indoor to Outdoor
I live up in the Northeast and I’m itching to move my babies outside to my back deck. I’ve read as long as nighttime temps don’t fall below 50 degrees they can stay outside…anybody have any thoughts?! #OutdoorGrowing #IndoorGreenhouse #HappyPlants #PlantAddict #summerweather
I'm in NY and I've been slowly moving a few outside.. I even bought a little stand to set them up. I got a couple with sunburn so trial and error but yeah.. I'm kicking them outttttt loll
Me too. I just posted about it!
I LOVE my #OutsidePlants - it makes my balcony so much nicer.
You will just want to adjust them to going outside. Put them outside during the day and pull them in before going to bed for a few days to acclimate them to outside living.
#BackyardGreenhouse evictions start when the weather stays above 40° F consistently

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