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Leaf loss
Does anybody else's ivy plant cause them stress? I swear to God she pops out new leaves just as often as she drops them! #englishivy #plantmafia #plantaddict #greggang
5ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
I have never owned one, but I’m sure there is a reason why.

Ivy loses its leaves because of ambient soil or atmospheric conditions. If there is insufficient water, Ivy's leaves will turn brown and drop off. Ivy's leaves will first turn yellow, then brown, and drop off if it's overwatered. Insufficient nutrients will also turn leaves yellow – but not brown.
I have never been able to keep ivy alive. I have tried 2-3 times and each time it dies. I've tried plants and props. I had one I thought I succeeded with, buuuuut it still died 🀦🏽 I do want to try again someday.
Hmm I wonder if it is underwatering...they don't turn yellow first before they drop off
I have tried several times to succeed with Ivy and sadly I never have.
Mine is a resilient little bugger. Honestly, she does get a little neglected from me, I need to check on her watering more often. Just trimmed her up last night, but she also has new growth.
Oh boy I just got an ivy!

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