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Unable to identify
Just moved into my house and previous owner left a lot of beautiful plants, this one has no “label” and looks like leaves fell off…app isn’t pulling anything up that looks similar - any ideas?

Hoping to save it before it dies :-/
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I would recommend pruning your mystery plant to encourage growth. The brown one - clip it all the way down. If you’re adverse clip it some at the top. If there’s no green inside and it’s woody, keep snipping lower and lower until you find some proof of life. The green side, I would snip it down about half way or more. It’s wasting precious life force maintaining the stalk. Pruning encourages growth. Use clear scissors or shears or a razor. If I were to guess, something in the dracaena family like lucky bamboo. Possibly a rose but I don’t see thorns on those green stalks. But this is a straight up guess. Make sure the soil isn’t compacted, soaking wet, or otherwise gross. That nursery pot is super low in that cache pot and might have a hard time drying out so if it’s not getting a chance to dry, pull the plastic pot out and let it see the light and breathe.
Congratulations on the new home. It’s going be tough giving this plant an ID as leave shape, color. and patterns are important in determining species. However, there are some amazingly knowledgeable plant professors here who, I’m sure, will figure it out if anyone can! ❤️🌱❤️🌱❤️
I have no basis for this answer but looking at the stems makes me think of roses 🌹
It's gonna be tough to ID without any leaves but regardless of what it is I do think it can be saved.

I would cut back the brown stems that are dead as they will not come back, and then pull it out of the pot to check that the roots are healthy. Also be sure that the pot it's in has drainage so there won't be any rot down the road.
@AlliesTerrarium thank you so so much 🙌🙌🙌

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