Posted 3w ago by @PerfectPlanty

Does anyone know what type of plant this is?
I need your plant expertise! Can someone please help me identify this plant. I thought it was a succulent but it doesn't seem to react well to full sun. I've already had to move it twice away from my other succulents because it's not doing too well. I figure if I can identify it, then I'll know how to better care for it. Thanks!
They look similar not sure tho
Hens and chickens maybe
It's definitely a succulent, but sometimes you can't just immediately put them in direct sun light bc they aren't quite used to it or because they babies and can't handle it yet. You need to keep it in bright indirect light and let it heal up and them acclimate it over like a 2 week span. 15 minutes first 3 days and then to 30 minutes and so on until it can handle it.
Blue echeveria!!
Here’s some research 🧐
I agree with @Jilliebeanstalk
@sarahsalith thanks chicky

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