Posted 3w ago by @FavoredQuincula

Gloriosum leaf spot
My gloriosum’s leaf was doing amazing but recently there is a brown spot on one of the leaves and I have no idea why. Been putting it on a moisture tray and I water it on time too. It looks small but I’m surprised that it happened and want to know the reason why so I can prevent it. Other than that, the plant is quite healthy and has a new shoot! If you do know why, do let me know thanks! #PhilodendronGloriosum #Philodendron
Hello fellow citizen! No need for moisture tray just water regularly as it is a very hot season now.
@FavoredQuincula I was about to say the same thing @cjred said. I made my pebble tray out of rocks 😂. I made it for that plant. Just fill the tray with water making sure it doesn’t get into the drainage hole.

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