Posted 1M ago by @PurpleSucculent

Seed Pods

Two of the seed pods from my baseball plant fell off without opening. What should I do now? #BaseballPlant #Euphorbia #Seedpod
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
I have no idea, but what a cool plant!
Put them in soil.
I will please it in some dirt
@YammieOf3 the whole pod or should I break it open and get the seeds out of the pod first?
@PurpleSucculent oh you can try opening them up but I’m mot sure if they require pollination. I’m not a good grow by seed plant person LOL it won’t hurt to give it a try
@YammieOf3 I have a male and a female baseball plant. So pollination has already occurred. I think that’s the reason why I actually got seed pods.