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Foliar spray
I think I can take my fertilizer for soil and dilute it to make foliar spray fertilizer (spray in leaves instead of roots), how much should I dilute it? (When used on soil it’s one teaspoon per gallon so I’m asking how much further should I dilute it). #OrchidLovers #OrchidOrg
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The best way to fertilizer is w one forth a water rather than applying full dose good luck I used have an orchid when I was young just too much work good luck
I wouldn’t spray it on the leaves- it can cause potential diseases and the liquid can get to the crown and cause crown rot. you can definitely try it to experiment just wanted you to know potential risks if not in the correct conditions
@Vjunc I know to be careful with the crown but here is foliage spray for orchids, Im considering cause my Venus in sphagnum moss so I won’t be able to water he very often. I don’t want to repot her till after she flowers but sphagnum moss stay wet for ever. I want her to stay well fertilized because I’m using keiki paste to try to clone her
@Lithopslover ahh okay- let me know how it goes!
I don’t know much about orchids but I know a lot of plants respond well to compost tea & using organic materials can help you from over fertilizeing.
Just my two cents
@Vinxy2 thank you!

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