Posted 4M ago by @FieryRedpepers

Why is my purple heart not blooming? My cat broke it a few times and since then it have regrown but they're are no flowers Also should I put it in a bigger pot?
6” pot
Last watered 5 months ago
Mine doesn't flower that much. It's beautiful though. Pot size looks fine for the moment.
Mine only flower when I’m propagating them in water it’s the weirdest thing
I just got mine, in June, to put on my front porch because it faces North and doesn't get sun. It's got three blooms on it and I was all excited because I didn't even know they bloomed. The pot was larger than the plant and it quickly grew to fill the pot. So maybe try repotting to a larger pot.
I swear they only bloom when they they feel like it and it has no actual basis in their care.

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