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Propagating English Ivy
Hey plant people! I’ve been wanting to propagate my english ivy, but I wasn’t sure the best method. Anyone have any tips? #PropagationStation
6” pot
Last watered 4 months ago
OH ME TOO! @RJG and @voidnuggets any ideas???
@Snail_Kid you can propagate with stems!!
@voidnuggets :o ITS THAT EASY?! Just like my a pothos?
@Snail_Kid *just like a pothos -_-
@Snail_Kid i’m not too sure how effective it is since i’ve never owned an ivy bc of my skin issues but that seems to be the most common way :)
@voidnuggets oh sweet! I’ll have to try that once I get home after the holidays!
omg what
do i just cut it and then put it in a jar of dirt? @voidnuggets @Snail_Kid
@oddmuffin I’d put it in water then wait for it to grow roots
@oddmuffin THEN once the roots have grown a decent amount, put it in dirt.
@oddmuffin water, like snail said! and once it’s got enough roots you can pot it
@Snail_Kid @voidnuggets thanks so much!!

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