Posted 3w ago by @SharpNikkofir

Whats happening did he get to much water

Last watered 1 month ago
Looks crispy. Probably not enough.
I usually water mine every two weeks and I water it until the water pours out of the bottom.
It’s getting too much direct sun and not enough water. Don’t drown it though.
@SharpNikkofir Dextrous your info card on this plant stated no drainage!! Maybe that’s it.. 😏
Also is he regularly kept on the glass table? Is it in full sun? Is it outdoors? Reason I ask is that glass tables will reflect heat. So possibly the combination of too little water and too much light/ heat are your villains here?
It needs more water, but water it less often. Just give it a lot of water when you do, and give it a terracotta pot with drainage (the pot should soak up some of the water when you water it but that doesn’t cause any harm) and use an organic soil mix that’s made for succulents and cacti. DON’T use MiracleGro β€œsucculent” soil, it actually holds in a lot of water, and it has harmful chemicals in it.
Do this with all your succulents/cacti. (Zebra plant, Aloe Vera)