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Drooping leaves
#PrayerPlant Back again after a week with the humidifier. I feel like the plant certainly is overall healthier. But now I’m a little concerned the leaves seem a bit curled at the ends and kinda drooping all around. Any ideas on what could be causing it or am I overthinking it?
20ft to light, indirect
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
I think Calatheas are a tough crowd. How does the soil feel? @wolfwoman do you have any ideas? #CalatheaCrew
@sarahsalith I have not had much luck with Prayer Plants myself, but I’ve learned a little since then.
How often do you water her? I would try to give more water, because I think she’s dehydrated. Try bottom watering and misting the leaves lightly.
Do you use distilled water? Calatheas don't like the impurities of tap water. They'll brown at the tips as a complaint.
Also, do not give too much water. Overwatering can be more harmful than underwatering, as rotted roots can't take in nutrients and don't grow back.
My baby was doing the same thing until I got her a humidity tray!

On top of sitting her right in front of my humidifier, you might want to get her a pebble tray, add pebbles and let her sit on top. From what I know, you put water in the tray until it’s nearly covered the top of your pebbles. Let them soak it up! They love it. Mine is standing nice and tall now.
Thank you everyone for the advice! She has actually be looking better the last couple days. I’ve been watering based on the Greg notifications, but starting to just use touch and visual to decide on watering or not. Been using distilled water from a brita filter but not sure if that’s distilled enough. I’ll also give the pebble tray a shot
@wolfwoman yes, I use distilled water.

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