Posted 7M ago by @user9e86866f

My plant leaves are turning yellow, and not regrowing back…
How do I regain all the leaves 🍃 lost, it’s been almost a year… is my plant doomed…
3ft to light, direct
9” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 months ago
seems either over watered or under lit.
I agree with @RJG is seems like it’s under watered or not getting enough sunlight.
@KikisOasis I said over watered. but at least we’ve limited it to water or sun 😂😂😂
@RJG 😂 I agree. Hopefully it can be saved.
@RJG thank you I will leave it to sit for 10 days as recommended by the app
@KikisOasis thank you 😊
@user9e86866f when you go to water it make sure it's completely dry.
@user9e86866f you are welcome!
@RJG thank you for the advice, I will make sure it is bone dry before watering again…

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