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Are Monstera ok outside? I'm not so sure about this Texas heat 90-100 degrees
1ft to light, direct
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 hour ago
Monstera is a zone 10b to 12, so I don’t think it can.
They are tropical plants by nature, but at that temperature they would also need a lot of humidity so I would bring it inside.
My father has a large monstera in the backyard and it stays out year round. He lives in Miami where they experience similarly high heat. I think if it’s in a shady spot, it should be fine.
This is the highest temperatures each year where I live compared to Dallas (I picked a random spot sorry) My neighbour has a GIGANTIC monstera in his garden so I’m pretty certain it will be happy in those temperatures . (One day I will try and take sneaky pics) Just slowly acclimatise them to outside, 2hours on day one in the morning then increase each day by an hour or two. Also keep them in the shade and check their water daily, in the heat they may get very thirsty. They will appreciate a misting in the morning if you can. I added a Texas climate type (not sure where you live) but humidity seems to be good in most places except far west will be quite dry. If you live in the west I would try and keep your monstera cooler by placing it under a tree/bush/against walls/under canopy anywhere that seems a bit cool, dark and damp (if possible haha) good luck!
Sorry think I copied twice in my original post 🫣
I live in Louisiana and mine starts to curl if I take it outside for too long, so I’d make sure it was in the shade in Texas.

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