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My friend Rebecca gave this to me for my birthday! She pu...

5” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Pot size is dependent on root ball size, general rule of thumb for all plants is 1-2" bigger than the root ball. Diffenbachia are aroids which means they like soil on the moister side, but are also prone to root rot. I'd definitely advise a pot with drainage for it, and adding a little more chunk to the soil if you can such as perlite, orchid bark, or horticultural charcoal. Things like that increase aeration greatly and reduce your chances of rot, which can be super helpful for plants like aroids that tend to like water a bit more. πŸ₯° You can let it dry out slightly, but bone dry isn't preferred for them. Sunlight wise, bright indirect is perfect, but they can also tolerate a bit of direct sun too as long as it's not too harsh. Good luck and happy planting! πŸ’•πŸͺ΄
@Luckyclovertrip I have the same plant, and it works with low light. I had it in direct light, and the leaves burnt, so I moved it. It's doing very well in this spot. And please put it in a pot with drainage so it won't root rot
When do you leave for Europe!? Repot with drainage is a must… she seems small but check if the roots are wanting more space before buying. They like for the water to flow through the pot. If you’ve noticed her crying (guttation) then she’s getting the right amount of water.