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Some of my leaves are turning brown on the edges.. what should I do? I have soil for repotting and I just bought fertilizer. It’s my first and only fern!
3ft to light, indirect
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 22 hours ago
What’s the care situation—what kind of light does it get, how are you watering, and how much has it grown since it was last repotted?
@catertots hi! I have it about three feet from a window, and it only receives indirect light. It’s a little close to a floor register that’s not very open, its about three feet under it. I repotted it probably 60ish days ago and I haven’t fertilized it before. I’m still a newbie
@catertots i also forgot to mention, it is in a draining pot!
Hi! This sounds like a good light situation for this plant but you could probably move it a bit closer to the window as long as it will keep getting mostly indirect light. That will help it grow more/soak up water more quickly. If you repotted it 60 days ago, I don’t think you need to repot it again. I usually only repot once a year unless the plant has become rootbound, and I know many people who repot even less than that with no issues. It’s also unlikely that the soil you repotted the plant into has been depleted of nutrients that quickly, so I don’t think this plant needs to be fertilized already. I would hold off and start fertilizing if you notice you’re getting smaller new growth with no change in other conditions (light source/hours, watering, soil).

Ok now back to the issue at hand. I think this plant looks overwatered but it’s hard to know from a picture. How often do you water it? Do you check the soil before you water to make sure it’s not still wet?
They don’t do well unless they are in very warm and very humid environment. Learned this the hard way! I stuck mine outside in the shade in Baton Rouge (100 degrees with high humidity) and now it is growing like crazy.
@Llynnelise when I had it inside it grew NOTHING even in the bathroom with shower humidity daily. It needs a constant fern friendly environment
@catertots I’ve definitely been guilty of not checking the soil before watering. I’ve been going based off of the notifications. I can move it closer with indirect light, and I’ll try snoozing the notifications if the soil is still damp. Thank you so much!
@Llynnelise that’s a good idea! I haven’t thought to set it outside for the humidity. It’s been brutal in indianapolis lately! It hasn’t grown a whole lot so it’d be really neat to see it get bigger!
@ktconn Most ferns like having moist soil but if it gets waterlogged it can start to rot, which is what the brown spots look like to me. A good rule for when to water it is to stick your finger about 1-2 inches into the soil and if it’s drying out, time to water thoroughly. You can snooze Greg until it’s time to water and then it will start to adjust the notifications to match your watering cycle since every house and plant situation is different. Don’t worry about following the cup measurements from Greg either, it’s better to give them a good soak, let all the excess water drain away, and then wait to water until the top 1-2 inches of soil is drying out before you water again. If you end up going too long between waterings you might end up with wilting or brown edges again, but those will likely be crispy brown instead of soft and brown.
Putting it outside in the shade is a good idea, if it’s hot it will help it to dry out some too
@catertots thank you so much for all of your advice!! I appreciate it 💜

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