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African milk tree
Does anyone on here have a African milk tree and if you do can you help me! I really want one and I found a large one online - BUT it saids if I have kids or pets not to get it because it can “stab” them 👀👀 they look sharp but I’m hoping they are being dramatic and it’s more like a “piercing” and not blood everywhere type poke.

I hope I’m making sense 😂 I have 3 kids (5,8,and 9 yo they are calmer than most kids but still I don’t want to test it out and god forbid they play around and someone get hurt because their mom wanted a pretty plant) #CactusClique #HappyPlants
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i think it just says not to let it stay around kids and pets bc it’s a euphorbia and they have toxic sap inside, so if your kids somehow break the plant and come into contact with the sap it can cause a nasty rash :( maybe you can get one but keep it somewhere the kids rarely go to?
Are you worried about your 5 year old running into it? Is there other sharp objects you keep out of reach from them? Sounds like they are calmer then most because, blood everywhere sucks. Additionally, plants don’t like AB 🩸, and kids don’t like losing it. 🤙
I believe it’s @Pegster that has a large beautiful one!
I have one. I have bunches and bunches of kids and they've been stabbed by lots of plants, but not that one yet.

However, my plant is on the shorter side (maybe 6"). I would LOVE a larger one, but I have no space for it.

I think your kids are old enough, but that's me. I'm just thinking of my youngest three: 3, 5, 7. They are the biggest helpers with my plants. (:

Besides, prickly plants gain respect -- fast.
@strawberrymoon ahh ok thank you! I just tried to find the link and I only have the photo of the plant to show my husband. I could have sworn it said something about being really sharp. But thank you for clarifying (I’m so excited I really want this plant)
@Vjunc i understand tbh, that’s a hella cool plant to have!!! like the three sided shape and the little leaves that contrast with the cactus vibe it has 👀 while they do have spikes i don’t think they’re the worst ones to be pricked by, there might be a bit of blood but it won’t probably send anyone to the hospital. the biggest concern is the sap tbh but if your kids are calm and don’t run around and knock it over i think you’re good!
@ccrocco I’m actually worried about my 9 year old 😂 he’s just really clumsy!
@sarahsalith maybe I should just start with a small one and see!

Btw I’m so happy your kids help you with your plants you have soooo many 😍😍 (I have like 10 over here trying to take care of them with out forgetting is difficult 😂)
@Mrgncrch I hope @Pegster she sees this and can tell me! Thank you Mo!
@strawberrymoon thank you airi!
@sarahsalith lol I was worried I would be put on a list for saying this.
@Vjunc that 9 year old does way more dangerous stuff than run into houseplants. You got got this! 👍
I'm nursing this one....I've stabbed myself 2 or 22 times...its not that bad!!!
@angelw1975 thank you angel!!
@ccrocco thanks Connor!
I have one. The sap is the main concern but that’s the same with many euphorbia including spineless ones. That’s one of the least pokey out of most of mine. The spines aren’t really anything to be concerned about like most other cacti. Just the sap as already mentioned by someone
@Vjunc I just ordered one… I have four dogs… I’m not worried because my mother in law had one the whole time my daughter and son were growing up… it was huge so big in fact that my husband had to move it for her one time and he couldn’t get his arms around it… yes he got stabbed quite a lot and nothing happened… no rash or sickness of any kind… the grandkids fell into it a lot and nothing ever came of that either… so take that for what it’s worth… like I said I bought one recently…🤩🤩🤩
I have a smallish one maybe 6” or so. It is not any more sharp than a cactus. They don’t stick out super far. it’s the sap that can give you a rash or is toxic if ingested (petswas my main worry) mine is currently on a pretty tall shelf to keep away from the pets. My kids are 10 & 14 so no worries there.
@FirstCanna @Wickedlemons thank you ladies!
I have one. Its the sap inside that’s poisonous and that’s probably why lol. Mine isn’t that sharp tbh but she’s sad right now. She wasn’t super sharp when she wasn’t sad either.
Eve is more pokey tbh lol
And this jerk lol
@ahendersonn thank you Ashley!

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