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Boston fern leaves drying up
My Boston fern is less than 3 ft from a window and gets watered around once a week. The leaves are turning brown and get really crunchy. It no longer looks vibrant and green. What am I doing wrong?
Needs humidity
@CertainWaxvine I agree with @EdieMcGoldrick it’s needs humidity. The fronds on a fern will get brown and crispy if it doesn’t have any humidity.
Should you place it in the bathroom near the window? Or how do you create humidity?
@KikiGoldblatt would putting it in the bathroom be sufficient? I don’t have a window in there, other than that I may have to buy a humidifier:(
@Judybaps when you shower and have steam that would be great. But however ferns like consistent humidity.

Here is what I found on Google

This fern also thrives in humidity levels above 80 percent. You can mimic these conditions by setting your fern on a tray filled with water and pebbles and by providing a regular misting. In conditions of low humidity, the tips of your plan's fronds may turn brown.
Ok Thx for the info

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